January 2nd 2018

Dear all,

we have nice concerts all over germany and europe coming up in 2018 plus a long tour with my quintet w/Rick Margitza in upcoming fall. Stay tuned and have a look @ the itinerary or get the latest news on facebook.


Hope to see you soon at one of our concerts near you!

In the music




And: We have a wonderful NEW MOVIE (Long Version) online about the band. Please check it out! Below you find the short version of the movie.

And here are some Photos from our Tour in 2015 shot @ a nice gig in Reutlingen.




 We are proud to work again with our kind partners in 2017. Thanks a lot guys!





My latest CD was released on the renown german label Doublemoon Records in Oktober 2015:


Past tour dates of Peter Protschka Quintet feat. Rick Margitza:



28.9. Unterfahrt München

29.9. Kulturstadl Vilgertshofen

30.9. Villingen Jazzclub

1.10. Mannheimer Morgen Jazzfestival 

2.10. Jazzclub Bamberg

3.10. Le Pirate Jazzclub Rosenheim

4.10. Jazzgap Garmisch Partenkirchen

5.10. Jazzkeller Frankfurt am Main



2.9.   Zig Zag Jazzclub Berlin

3.9.   Jazzkeller Frankfurt am Main

4.9.   Jazzkeller Frankfurt am Main

5.9.   Golem Hamburg

7.11. Jazztage Leverkusen

9.11. Jazztage Dresden



23.5. Jazzrally Düsseldorf Doublefeature mit Christian Mc Bride 

30.9. Camera Wiesbaden

9.10. Hemingway Lounge Karslruhe

10.10. Jazzclub Frankfurt

11.10. Jazzclub Frankfurt

12.10. World of Basses Reutlingen

18.10. Du Mont Aachen

19.10. Jazzkongress Freiburg

30.10. Bix Stuttgart

31.10. Altes Pfandhaus Köln



12.10. Altes Pfandhaus Köln

14.10. Bayrischer Rundfunk Nürnberg

16.10. A Trane Berlin

17.10. Planet Jazz Düren

18.10. Jazzkeller Frankfurt

19.10. Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

24.10  Bird´s Eye Basel

25.10. Bird´s Eye Basel



26.10. Altes Pfandhaus Köln

28.10. Pantheon Casino Bonn